qualitydiscountlighting.com Store Policies

Do you warranty your lighting products?

All warranties on the lighting products purchased at Quality Discount Lighting are the warranties provided by the respective lightingmanufacturer. All are at least 1 year.

QUALITY DISCOUNT LIGHTING’S sole responsibility and obligation in the event of defective merchandise shall be limited to the repair or replacement of the merchandise and Quality Discount Lighting shall not be responsible for any other damage or loss, which may be sustained or claimed.

Can you guarantee availability of products on your site?

No. We try to have every item available, however some items we are “unable to ship”.  Quality Discount Lighting,  reserves the right to make changes in products offered, materials and construction of their products at any time. Every effort is made to remove products no longer available from our site. All prices and descriptions listed on the web site are subject to change without notice.

Can you add a (switch/motion sensor/etc.) to a light fixture I found on your site?

Almost always, the answer to this question is “No.” On rare occasion, we may have light fixtures that come with these options direct from the manufacturer. If options such as these are available, they will be listed on the site with the detailed information about the item.

Please note that many light fixtures can be fitted with switches or motion sensors by a local lamp repair shop. We’d recommend you contact a local repair shop first, before purchasing your fixture for an estimate of the cost to alter your fixture. Remember, fixtures that have been altered in any way cannot be returned.

I’d like some more detailed information about a product I saw on your site. How do I find out more?

Send us a message, and we will be happy to provide more info.  If you have a specific question ask us.  We have knowledgeable sales people to answer your questions.

What is your return policy?

Please visit the Returns and Replacements page for more info.



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