Rainbow ASCF239UL Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control Transmitter and Receiver

by Rainbow Lighting Inc
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This unit includes a rectangular receiver and a transmitter (remote control).
Transmitter and receiver use radio frequency technology to communicate and work at 433.92MHz.

The receiver fits well in the fan's canopy installs horizontally above the ball attachment.
It is designed for fans that vary their speeds by changing the capacitance in the circuit.
It will work on almost all fans with lights.

UL certificate for receiver;

FCC certificate for remote control;

Fan Speed Adjustment: High/Medium/Low;

Capacitance for fan speed: 10μF for Medium speed 5μF for Low speed;

Light function: On/Off

Both the transmitter and receiver have 4 dip switches to avoid control interference from different remote controls. 
They must have the exactly same dip switch setting to work together.

Battery size for remote control: 6F22 9 Volts (not included)



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