Launching a New QDL

Welcome to the new Quality Discount Lighting! It was about time we updated our website when we learned that our old system, Prostores, was closing shop. So, we brought in help to make it all happen. With many ideas, we are THRILLED to have this up and running for everyone. We've been working hard at this for a few months now, so please have a look around!

We were excited to move into this all-new system (Shopify) and have our developer integrate our wishes. This includes one of our favorites, a new searching functionality for our customers! Within our categories, which are grouped as before, you can now filter products by brand, finish, light source, width and height! Imagine that?! You'll find what you're looking for even faster! And while searching, you'll notice the "Quick View" feature, which allows you to take a sneak peek into the product as you skim through the different collections. We love that, particularly its zoom functionality.

But what's cooler than that? We've seen our users view our website on so many different devices and browsers, that we've added what web designers and developers call "Responsive Design." That means, no matter where you view our website, you won't have to navigate nearly as hard as before to get to where you need. (That's our hope, anyway.) But this includes, purchasing on mobile devices. 

From the start, we wanted to add things like:

  • A blog to share the latest news at QDL, our lighting tips, and other information that you will find useful.
  • Having our social media presence, in addition to the blog. That means, reactivating (hahaha) our Facebook page, tweeting, and Instagram. Add us at these links: here and here. Maybe we can do something neat with our accounts. So, let's chat!
  • More details for user account pages, so that you can review previous orders and get associated tracking information organized in one place. (Yes, you can track packages now!!!!) We advise having a QDL account.

We realize that website maintenance and enhancements will be ongoing, so our designer is encouraging feedback to address any issues that others stumble upon. There's the feedback tab to the right for easy access to our contact page. We'd like to make our system to be what we originally envisioned, and would love our customers to be part of it.

Oh, and there's one more thing. But we'll make you find out what that is. :) Message us when you do!


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