Smart Home Gear Model #86-101 Plug-In Dimmer Module in White Finish

by Nuvo Lighting
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  • Works with incandescent and most dimmable fluorescent (CFL), or LED lighting
  • LED back-lit Key for manual ON/OFF and status indicator
  • GROUP/SCENE/ALL enabled, if supported by controller
  • Over-The-Air firmware upgrade available, if supported by controller
  • Supports Network Wide Inclusion(inclusion through a repeater), if supported by controller
  • Powered by Sigma Design 500 Series module inside
  • Compact design - does not block the 2ndAC outlet
  • Functions as Z-Wave repeater




    • Operating Temperature 32° F to 104° F
    • Storage Temperature -4° F to 140° F
    • Storage Humidity 80%
    • Electrical Ratings
    • Input Voltage 120 VAC RMS
    • Input Frequency 60Hz
    • Maximum Output Load Incandescent 300W (2.5A), Dimmable CFL/LED
    • 65W Fuse 5A
    • Fuse 5A
    • Dimmer conduction angle 90% at max fully on position
    • Z-Wave Frequency for USA and Canada 908.4Mhz at 40kps, 916Mhz at 100kps
    • Wireless Range (controller & repeater) 130 ft. at open air, 1 meter high, LOS
    • Modulation FSK/GFSK
    • Tx Power from IC setting 2 dbm
    • Rx Sensitivity at 40 kps -99 dbm
    • Rx Sensitivity at 100 kps -91.8 dbm
    Dimensions Body: L3.27" X W2.13" X H1.5"
    With plug: L3.27" X W2.13" X H1.5"
    Color Munsell N9 Apple White
    Material PC, Type 6485
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